Is my order confirmed?
Please check your email you will receive an order confirmation email if your order is confirmed. You can also check your order status in “My Orders” by signing in with your email address.

When will you ship my stuff?
We normally ship-out all orders within one working day.

When will I have my order delivered to me?
Transit and delivery time may vary depending on your location. Your expected delivery date will be marked in the order confirmation email and in the order details in the “My Orders” section.

Is there any minimum purchase criteria?
Yes, to place an order you should buy for atleast Rs. 399.

Can I have my stuff delivered on a particular day?
We’ll certainly try, but we don’t promise.

My order is delayed. Where is it?
It is on its way. To check the latest status, please check the order details in the “My accounts page. There is a tracking link available. We also send you an “Order Shipped” email which also happens to contain a tracking link.
If you don’t find it and are really anxious, do send us an email at and we’ll let you know where your order is.

Can I have my order gift-wrapped?
If its not shipped out yet, you can give a request for gift wrap and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Haven’t received everything I was expecting. What do I do?
First, we are sorry about that.
Second, we’ll set that right on priority. Please email us or call us immediately and we will help you out with the cancelation.

I am gifting, so I don’t want the package to carry an invoice/amount. How do we do this now?
Sorry, no can do – Government regulations.

I want to place a bulk order. What extra discount can I get?
Our prices are already well under your regular mall retail prices (read about that here - So we generally cant offer you a discount. But if your order is really large (we determine if its large enough), perhaps we can do a little something there.

I want a special logo on the garment. Would you do that for me?
Sorry, no can do.

I want the garment altered. Would you do that for me?
Sorry, we cant do that. You’ll have to use a tailor near you.

How to apply the coupon code?
Coupon can be applied in the checkout page. Just click on “Have a coupon?” link and apply the coupon.

I couldn’t see the link to apply coupon code. I will pay X amount less for the COD at the time of delivery.
You can apply ANY coupons that you might have ONLY while pacing the order. We don’t give any discount at the time of delivery.

My coupon code is not working, what should I do?
Please check the terms and conditions of the coupon. In general, if you are buying a discounted product, we don’t honor coupons on those.

Can this coupon code combined with the current offer?
You might want to check the terms and conditions of the coupon and the offer.

I want to change my delivery address
Obviously, we cant change the delivery address once the order has been shipped. You can call us if its not shipped out yet and we will help you out.

I want to have my to-be-returned-product to get pick up at a different address from delivery address. Can I do that?
We pickup only from delivery address. In case the two places are nearby (we determine that), you can request the person who is picking up the item to pick it up from an alternate address. NOTE - we cant promise that this will work in all cases.

I chose the correct pin code but the city name selected is wrong.
Please click on the city box and we will show you the alternate cities. In the really rare case of your city not being present in this list please call us immediately.

I am going out of town, I want to change delivery date
Please email us or call us. Again, this is one of those things where we will definitely try and do our best, but we don’t promise.

I won’t be available at home the whole day, ask delivery boy to call and attempt delivery
In most cases our delivery boy will call before visiting you. Even if he misses you, we will try to deliver you the next day.

I have ordered for a special occasion, will I receive in next 1-2 days confirmed?
We cannot promise but we will try our best.

My pick up is pending, when I will receive my refund.
We can process your refund only after goods reach our warehouse. In case pick up is taking a lot of time you can always ship it back to us using a traceable courier or speedpost. Note – We’ll pay you for the shipping.

I am unable to track my order on your website. Which courier is this?
It might take 24-48 hours for tracking number to become active. But don’t worry your shipment is on the way and will reach on time.

You have shipped the product with X courier but I want it through Y courier.
We try to get your package to you as soon as possible so we have preferred shipping partners for each area. In case you want to change the courier you need to inform us before your order is shipped. Such special request can potentially cause a delay of 1 or more days in delivery of your order. Also, we will need a very good reason for this.

When I checkout the MRP of the product changes from displayed MRP on the catalog. Which is the correct MRP?
This should ideally never happen. If you ever see this MRP displayed on checkout is always the correct MRP. Please do inform us if this is ever the case.

I ordered size x pants from your website and it fits but size X jeans and shorts do not? What should I order?
There can be small variations in size definition across products. We recommend you use our size charts before placing your order.

The product doesn’t feel like genuine leather. I am not convinced.
We sell what we say and show. We make sure that all our products go thru a very strict quality check by independent agencies in addition to our own extensive quality control.

The product is not what I expected, the website shows a completely different image.
Image quality and color can vary depending on screen resolution and colors. If you don’t like what you’ve received we will take it back, no questions asked.
Please Note: For your refund to be processed the product should be in unwashed, unworn condition with all the tags and labels intact.

I have received a damaged product, what should I do?
This rarely happens. But, please call us immediately and we will take it back, no questions asked.

In the product description it says nothing about non-iron shirt, but the picture has the logo for non-iron.
Better pictures and logos instead of words! The logos on product images display properties of that product. If you see a logo you can expect that property.

What is the difference in size between slim fit and regular fit shirt?
Slim fits are for the leaner folks amongst us, or for those who like their clothes in a tighter fit. For others, regular fit is the way to go.

When I last purchased the COD option was available, but now it has been taken off. Why? I want to place a COD order
It can happen for only 2 reasons, either our shipping partner has stopped COD service in your area or we have removed this shipping partner due to bad services. As a continued effort we keep trying to increase our COD coverage and hopefully we will start serving COD in your area soon. Until either happens, please pre-pay using either your credit/debit card or net-banking. Remember, we offer a no-risk 30-day return.

Cancellations & Returns

I want to cancel my order ASAP. What should I do?
Go to “My Orders”, find your order and cancel it. Else call us or email us with instructions to do the same and we’ll do it for you. Your order cannot be canceled if it has been shipped and not yet been delivered to you. Please note we can accept cancelation requests only within 30 days of delivery of the product.
Please Note: For your refund to be processed the product should be in unwashed, unworn condition with all the tags and labels intact.

Will I get my money back?
If you cancel before your order has been shipped you will get your money back within 3-7 working days. If you cancel after your order has been delivered, you will get your money back 3-7 days after we receive back the canceled products in our warehouse.

What do I need to do to ensure that I get my refund back?
Please follow the instructions in the cancelation email. You need to send the products in original packing with the invoice or order details. If you paid thru COD please provide your back account details asap.
Please Note: We do NOT process any refunds in form of cheque or demand draft. For your refund to be processed the product should be in unwashed, unworn condition with all the tags and labels intact.

Who pays for the shipping if I send back the product?
For your convenience we have a free pickup facility in most locations. Call us to check if it is available in your location. If not we will provide you a voucher in multiple of Rs 100 per kg in case you ship back the products thru Indiapost or a traceable courier.

I like the product I bought. But, I saw a new one and I want that one now. Can I exchange?
No, but you can return your order and place a new one.

If I need to send you back the item, where should I send it?
For return address, please refer the email notification we'll send you when you will cancel the order.

The T&C says I can’t cancel because I purchased the product during a sale and the sale conditions were such. How do I go around this?
Since we pass on additional benefits to you during sale to our customers it becomes highly uneconomical for us to entertain returns. If there is a problem with the size or manufacturing defect we will be happy to replace provided a replacement is available.

I know its been more than 30 days since I bought this item. But its defective and I want to return it. Can I?
Sure you can. In such cases we encourage you to send us a photograph of the defect, based on this if we feel that this is a manufacturing defect we will be happy to take the return and process full refund. Note:- No one likes to have the short end of the stick and we play fair always.

I want to return only one of the items that I bought as part of this order. Can I?
Yes you can please go ahead and email us or call us and we will help you.
Please Note: For your refund to be processed the product should be in unwashed, unworn condition with all the tags and labels intact.

How come I can’t return jewelry?
Would you want to wear the earrings that have been tried on by someone else? We feel this is unhygienic and hence we don’t take jewelry returns.


When will I get my money back?
Your money will be credited within 3-7 working days from the time we receive the returned product in our warehouse.

Will I get cash or will I get some sort of store credit/points etc..
We will refund prepaid orders to the source of the payment. In case of COD all refunds will be made thru NEFT. Refund of return shipping will be made in form of Zovi vouchers. Please note:- we will NOT be able to process refunds in the form of bank cheques or demand drafts.

Its been almost a week since I requested for a refund. I’ve still not seen it hit my bank account?
This would happen either because your product has not reached our warehouse or your bank account details were incorrect. In either scenario please contact us immediately. Please note:- we completely understand your anxiousness and we want you to transact with us again, so we will do our best in ensuring your money reaches you.

I don’t have a bank account and I want the refund money by cheque. How and when can I get it?
We don’t process refunds in form of cheque or DD. Please provide a friends or family members bank account for us to process the refund.

The bank where I want my money returned is not there in your list of banks. How do I get it added?
Call us and we will help you out.

How will you refund courier charges?
Refund of return shipping will be made in form of Zovi vouchers. No other shipping charges will be refunded.

What is the limit for the courier charges? Can I use any courier?
We refund upto Rs. 100 per kg towards return courier charges. Please make sure that you don’t spend more than this.

Shipping charges

Why do you charge for shipping?
For lower order values, it becomes infeasible for us to provide free shipping. Hence we had set our order value limit for free shipping at 500 Rs. However, basis your feedback, given that we have multiple products available at 599 Rs, we have reset the free shipping policy to an order value of 599 Rs. and above.

Are there any hidden charges?
Our MRP includes all other charges and taxes except for shipping and handling which is charged separately if the order value is less than Rs 599. In case you are charged any other charges over and above the invoice value please contact us immediately and we will rectify it.

Is the shipping charge refundable?
Shipping charge (which is charged if the order value is less than Rs. 599) is refundable only if the order is canceled before the order is shipped.

Payment mechanisms

Can I use my credit card which was issued in another country?
We don’t support credit cards issued by an issuer outside India.

My card/account was charged, but I encountered an error after that. Now is my money gone?
Firstly, please note that this is a rare occurrence. But in case it happens, you'll receive an email which would confirm if your payment has been taken. We ensure that the refund process will start within 4 hours however it might take a week for the amount to get credited in your account depending on the time taken by the bank. Please feel free to call us in case of any further clarifications. Rest assured, we will chase it down and ensure that you get your money back.

What is this billing address and why do you need it?
We do not need your billing address but the card issuing banks do. They need this information to fight credit-card fraud. So please do your bit to help and provide us this information and we'll pass it on to the banks.

Do you store my credit card information?
Let us be VERY CLEAR here - we DO NOT store credit card information. All the information is passed to the banks thru secure connections.

Are my transactions safe on your site?
Yes they are. We are PCI compliant and use military grade encryption to communicate your information with the banks.

Can we pay through Paypal?
We do not support paypal or credit cards issued outside India.

Can I use AMEX card?
We do not support AMEX or JCB cards yet