• Okay so, dress check, shoes check, bag check, make-up check. What about your mane? You can’t go out looking like you have just stepped out of the bed, right? Wrong! What if I tell you that the straight-out-of-bed look is really really haute still now? Oh yeah, world over, hairstylists and celebs can’t get enough of the bed head look. That, and hair accessories of all kinds. And centre partings!

    Side Parting Hair style


    Messy Top Head- hairstyle

    Sometime back in Paris, Chanel had their models do a simple pony, which was blown up and jazzed up with crimped extensions and braided hair. You can even try out the loose, textured ponytails with centre parting like Stella McCartney did. Burberry, Kenzo, Balmain have all gone for centre partings. Do a centre parting, keep your hair open and slip on a floral headband like in the 70s. Or give it a twist, turn a neckpiece into a headgear. Long bobs and fringes are making a comeback too, so better book an appointment with your hairstylist soon.


    Hair Accessories


    Center Parting

    Hairstylist Akshata Honawar says that both messy waves and shiny straight hair is fine, but a messy side braid will definitely add an edge to your look. Here’s how she says you should do it:

    Corner Parted Pigtail

    Take the parting in which you wear your hair. Side is preferred. The frontal length of the long bob helps in creating this style. Take a small section along your parting and plait your hair towards the side. As you plait, you can either add more hair along you go, keeping the plait close to your scalp and tight, or you can use only the long hair from the front. Use a small rubber and or a bobby pin to fix the end of the plait at the back of your head, under the top section so as to hide the pin (unless you have a really pretty pin you want to show off). Use a mousse or a curl enhancing spray to get texture and movement in the rest of the hair.

    hairStyle- Messy Top

    Don’t want to get into the hassle of a plait? Just do a messy top and jazz up with a headband. Tong your hair with a big tong to get some movement in it. Make a really high ponytail and use a rubberband to secure the ponytail. Use a donut stuffing and place it through the ponytail. Fix the hair in large sections over this stuffing till it’s covered and you’ve used all your hair with pins. The stuffing makes it easier to pin and gives you volume. Finish by spraying and wear the headband.

    You are now ready to take on the world, girl!

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