• Have you ever wondered what colours go best with your skin tone? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you do.

    Wearing the right colour based on your skin tone does have the power to make or break absolutely any outfit. And exactly like lipstick, picking shades that best complement your skin type is a sure fire way of nailing just about any look so ditch those terrible frump-causing hues in exchange for colours that will brighten your outfit, your wardrobe and of course your mood.



    If your skin is as white as snow, then colours like blood red, rich emerald and ebony are just what the doctor ordered. The contrast between your pale skin and these bold colours is sure to create magic. Flaunt them with abandon. Make sure however, to avoid light colours. Yellows and whites can tend to dull your look.



    If you’re complexion is wheatish, then you can carry off almost all colours. Get experimental with metallics and neons and other striking shades. Even earth tones, chocolates and maroons are super flattering on your skin. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

    Dark Skinned


    If you happen to be on the darker side then neutrals and pale colours were made for you. Think powder blues, baby pinks, lavenders and off whites. A soft feminine shade for both the night and day is the way to go. Be careful however, to not wear too much black or navy blue.

    So are you ready to flaunt your skin?


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