• Wear your heart on your sleeve and your personality on your t-shirt!

    Untitled-1There is no better way to make a personal style statement than with a themed t-shirt. Cool and casual, themed t-shirts nail the whole laidback look effortlessly. And take it from our uber cool actors who are most often seen quirking it up in a cool tee when off work.


    Profess your love for your guitar by sporting a quirky purple tee with a man stringing the instrument or if you’re a more sporty kind of guy then go for a t-shirt depicting the Indian flag and a guy playing, what else, but cricket! Show off your funny side with a hilarious slogan or go vintage with a bright green well-fitted t-shirt. Marvel geeks, we have good news for you too. On offer are a bunch of cute tees with your absolute favourite superheroes and Avengers on them (we personally adore the Captain America one). You can even nerd it up with a super cool specs-wearing Superman t-shirt or go full on macho with a rugged biker tee.

    Whatever category you fit into we have a t-shirt that’s ideal for you and guess what? They act as a great wingman too! Girls, will not only fall head-over-heels in love with your stylish avatar but these themed t-shirts have been known to act as great ice-breakers as well. Don’t forget to wear one to the next party you go to!

    So what’s your tee style?



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  • Go grab your boyfriend’s old worn out t-shirt and make a chic fashion statement with it.

    If you’re guilty of always stealing your boyfriend’s or brother’s loose solid tees and can’t get over how comfy they are, we’ve got just the thing for you. With a little bit of effort, we show how you can customize and oomph up a plain old men’s t-shirt into something a bit more fashion forward and definitely a lot more you. Pair the newly-DIYed baggy tee with slim-fit jeans or a pair of really short shorts and thank us later. What are you waiting for? Get to work!




    Step 1: Gather all your material together. You don’t need much – a strong glue, fabric paint, the design you want on your t-shirt (in this case a heart), a piece of cardboard, a hoop like object, a small piece of nylon fabric and a paintbrush and permanent marker.



    Step 2: Draw the design you want on your t-shirt onto a piece of paper. Make sure the design fits within the hoop.


    Step 3: Place the nylon tightly over the hoop and trace your design over it using the permanent marker.


    Step 4: Cover the area surrounding your nylon design (negative space) with glue and stick it onto your tee. Let this dry for a bit, it should take around 2-3 hours to completely dry out.


    Step 5: Place the hoop around the design again and using the cardboard, paint the design using whichever colour you have chosen.







    Step 6: Give the paint adequate time to dry. Again, a minimum of 2-3 hours is recommended.


    Step 7: Lift the hoop off and there you have it!


    So are you ready to gift yourself a brand new boyfriend tee?


    Source: http://mycalicoskies.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/52-week-challenge-10-diy-screenprint.html


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  • There is nothing that looks better on an Indian man than a well-fitted kurta. There, we said. 


    Cool, casual and uber comfy, a kurta is the epitome of laidback chic. We wonder why you men don’t wear it more often enough? Sport a fun, coloured kurta to college, a movie or even on a date. We guarantee you; you’ll be breaking hearts wherever you go! So turn in those faded, worn out, old fashioned kurtas for more suave, eclectic ones and go make a splash in your new stylish avatar.



    Just the thought of a solid straight cut kurta in deep aqua or jade green sets our pulse soaring. Pair the kurta up with a well-fitted pair of jeans and some tan sandals to rock the Indo-fusion look.


    What’s more stylish than a blend of the classics? Channel your inner Bollywood hero and go monochrome with your kurta. There’s nothing we like more than keeping it old school. Add a crush dupatta to your outfit to jazz it up.


    If you’re not afraid to stand out in a crowd and don’t mind experimenting a little with your style, then go the printed kurta way. Wear a bold deep-hued kurta along with neutral bottoms to keep the spotlight on the funky prints.

    So are you ready for some desi chic?



    So are you ready to add some Desi Swag to your wardrobe?

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