• Become the best dressed guy at your office by nailing the smart semi-formal look.


    The workplace going casual leaves men with a lot of scope to play around and experiment with their day-to-day office look. However, getting the business casual look right can not only be a little tricky but super time-consuming as well, leaving most people going horribly wrong. To avoid any major wardrobe disasters at the office let us tell you exactly how to strike the perfect balance between formal and casual.



    Solid & Striking:

    Add with some cheery bold solids in striking pinks or blues to your office attire for some extra spunk and much-needed colour. A drool-worthy denim shirt paired with neutral colored bottoms is also a great way to sport the stylish laidback look.

    Light Stripes:

    Team up a light sky blue or pale lilac striped shirt with light grey cotton trousers to keep your look casual and classic.


    Nothing says effortlessly stylish like a well-fitted checked shirt. Pair the smart colorful patterned top with dark jeans or basic cotton trousers to totally rock casual cool.



    Polo t-shirts are also perfectly acceptable as smart business casuals. Spruce your workplace wardrobe with a couple of bright neon or sharp monochrome polos with well-tailored trousers and watch yourself become an instant hit with the ladies.

    Don’t forget to accessorize your stylish office attire with slim earth-toned belts and a comfy pair of always-in-fashion loafers.

    So what are you waiting for? Head to Zovi for some cool business casual options.


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  • Men, let us tell you how to take a striking pair of high ankle shoes and turn it into the ultimate fashion accessory of the season.


    Who says comfort and style don’t go hand in hand? High ankle shoes have been long been falsely labeled as boring and ‘practical’ shoes that don’t contribute much to a man’s style quotient. We thoroughly disapprove of this outdated tag and that is why we are telling you exactly how you can turn the dull drab monsoon season around with a pair of comfy and colorful high ankle shoes which are sure to help you score big with the ladies. After all, a man is known for the shoes he wears.

    Do’s and Don’ts:

    Here are a couple of helpful pointers for you to keep in mind while wearing high ankle shoes…


    • The trick to wearing any bold, striking footwear is to keep the rest of your look minimal. Don’t team an already busy pair of shoes with matching or printed socks. Instead go with a softer, neutral soft shade such as a pale grey or off white. Remember, the goal is to keep the focus on the shoes.
    • These shoes are meant to be worn as casual wear, or on rare occasions as semi-formal shoes. Do not; under any circumstance, wear them to any kind of formal setting or important meeting. We can’t think of anything worse to pair with a well-tailored suit.
    • To keep your look sharp, make sure that the rest of the colors on your outfit are in harmony with the colors on your shoes. For instance, black and green or red and blue aren’t from the same color family but still manage to look great together.
    • Besides being super stylish these shoes are also incredibly comfy and offer great support to your soles, so don’t forget to carry a pair on a camping or road trip and for the perfect blend of fashion and fun.

    So are you ready to up your shoe style with Zovi?



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  • Because even denims need a makeover. Here’s how you can get to it yourself, guys! 

    Tired of wearing the same jeans again and again? Think it is time to trade them in for a new pair? Something a little trendier and more stylish? Well, we’ve got news for you! With a little bit of time and even lesser effort we show you how to completely transform your old worn-out jeans into something straight out of a fashion magazine. From ripped to bleached, choose the denim style that best suits your personality and get to work!


    For the rugged, macho look, opt for a pair of ripped jeans. We show you how in 5 easy steps:

    Step 1: Gather all your material. You’ll need a pair of scissors, sandpaper, a dark marker and your pair of jeans of course.

    Step 2: Lay your jeans on any flat surface or table.

    DENIM 1

    Step 3: Figure out where exactly you want the rips and how big you want them to be.

    DENIM 2 Step 4: Mark the places with a dark felt tip.

    DENIM 3

    Step 5: Carefully cut holes over the marked spots and subsequently vigorously rub sandpaper over those holes. This will give it a natural look.

    DENIM 4

    And voila, there you have it. Your very own pair of ripped jeans in 5 steps flat.


    For something a little more retro and standout, bleached denims are definitely the way to go.

    Step 1: Gather all the required material: a brush is optional for if you want to create patterns on the jeans with the bleach.

    BLEACH 1Step 2: Pour equal parts bleach and water into a bucket.

    BLEACH 2

    Step 3: Dip only the part you want bleached into the bucket and let it soak for about 10 minutes.

    BLEACH 3Step 4: Remove the jeans from the bucket and rinse off. Dip the jeans again for 30 minutes before removing it for the last time prior to the final rinse. Lastly, leave it to dry for enough time.

    BLEACH 4

    Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a brand new pair of bleached jeans.

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