• They are young, they are dashing and to top it all, they’re well dressed. The leading trio of Main Tera Hero has been creating a roar everywhere they go. So as this romantic comedy hits theatres, we show you how to dress like the movie’s leading stars.

    1956453 copyThe movie’s punch line talks about how one man is able to date two gorgeous women at a time. Ethical or not, we sure are loving the casual look Varun Dhawan is carrying off, and as for the two leading ladies, lets just say that the oomph factor got much higher! Boys, do you want to be every girl’s dream and look like the actor? Girls could be hot like Nargis Fakri or beautiful like Ileana. It isn’t that difficult, and we’ll tell you how.

    Shorts, Shorts and Shorts


    The movie is rightly releasing as summer kicks in and gives a lot of style tips for a new wardrobe. All the 3 actors are seen wearing a lot of short clothing with special attention given to half pants.

    Neon Lights


    There is a color splash on screen quite literally. While Nargis is seen wearing neon shorts and ganjis, Ileana sports neon blazers. Even Varun is spotted in lots of bright shades.

    Cool & Breezy


    While the two ladies are raising temperatures, Varun looks cool as a cucumber. With light striped shirts and khaki pants, he is doing everything right. From a black jeans- blue shirt combo to fitted t-shirts, he looks the blue-eyed Casanova he is playing to the t.

    So head to Zovi to stock up on bright hues and bold prints. If you’re dressing Mein Tera Hero style, don’t be afraid to bare more than just a little!

    You don’t need designer wear to look like the celebs; just the right styling and you’re good to go!


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  • Winter has come and gone and it’s now time to get rid of the jackets and sweaters and bring out the summer clothing, welcoming the sun with a bright smile and even brighter closet.

    summer copy

    Yes, the summers do get with it some troubled days where tubs of ice cream don’t do enough justice. But here’s what we think: It’s going be sweltering hot anyway, so why not dress well and look good at least! We take it upon ourselves (yet again) to update you with all things stylish and ensure you’re fashionably forward always.

    postcard copy

    Shorter the Better

    If you won’t show some skin now, then when will you? As long as it’s in your comfort zone, put on shorts and t-shirts for an everyday activity. Both boys and girls alike are recommended to make shorts their summer staple. Girls can even go the skirts or pyjama pants way for a fancy day out.

    White & Light

    Black is not the way out unless you want to feel like you’re boiling. Embrace white and pastel shades — this could be light shaded shirts for the men and shades of pink and yellow for the ladies. White is the new black this summer.

    Goodbye Denims

    Does that sound unthinkable to you? We say, give it a try! Guys keep the jeans to the minimum and substitute them with trousers or chinos. Girls, unless it’s a cute denim skirt or shorts, we’re sure you can save it for some other time! Show off your feminine side with dresses, pretty ethnic wear and loose clothing. Note: Loose doesn’t mean ill fitted.

    With just a few changes in how you dress up everyday, you are summer ready. For exactly what to wear, you always have the ever-changing Zovi collection at your service!


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  • Slogging it up as the financial year comes to a close? A long weekend is just round the corner for that much needed chilling session. Here are some ideas to indulge! 


    Who doesn’t love themselves a long weekend, away from work and the regular responsibilities? This week ends on a rather high note with maybe even a mini vacation for some of you. We at Zovi can tell you this, let your hair down! You deserve it, and while doing so, be impeccably dressed of course.

    Out of Town


    Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? Step out of town! This could be an adventure trip with your friends where all you need are loose track pants and t-shirts or maybe what you’re looking for is a luxurious holiday. In which case, we say sundresses for the girls and the shorts and shirts (maybe layered with a tee) for the guys.



    Festivals are a time when the entire family gets together and gorges on sweets and savory. This 31st March celebrate Gudi Padwa (Indian New Year) with your loved ones by your side. A long weekend allows those living away from home to come and spend time with their family. Maybe give your friends a miss and enjoy quality moments Big-Fat-Indian-Family style. Luckily for you, we’ve got the widest selection of Indian wear for you to choose from!

    3 F’s

    All in all, Zovi asks you to swear on the 3 F’s- Friends, Family and Fashion! Festivals bring an opportunity to dress up in vibrant Ethnic wear and even if all you plan to do is go out every night and dance it out, do so in style! Dressing up is actually a part of your daily routine, go all the way this weekend with a good mix of both Indian and western wear.

    So what are you waiting for then? Make this weekend stand out like no other!





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